Reasons behind our weakness?

Most of us been fooled, lied to, manipulated or abused by somebody we loved and trusted.

To be fair, the most of us also lied, manipulated and broke the trust of somebody who loved us.

It is not easy to be human.

Sometimes we surprise ourselves by our behaviour, thoughts, feelings. How is possible that our response to people or to the world isn’t always consistent?

Simply put: “everything is energy and energy is contagious, which complicates thing or two.

Even if we feel that something is not right, we don’t always seem to have enough clarity so we just go with the flow.

But who’s flow?

We all have experience when we promised something and we immediately regretted the decision. Most likely we didn’t have a clear view and let somebody with stronger energetical impulse overtake our decision.

Maybe somebody came to mind? Narcissistic people or people with real passion tend to lead energetically.

Most of us noticed when our vitality or joy dropped after we met certain person. We simply energetically tuned into our companion or we were robbed.

Energetic attachments are very common between families and friends and that is also one of reasons why people tend to have a similar ways, moods and information. If we are connected, everything is fluid.

Let’s pick our close friends and loved ones more carefully. The efforts put into choices will pay off greatly.

Some of us are more energetically resilient than others. Why?

There are many factors, so let’s start at the beginning.

Ancestors. DNA.

It is hard to believe how much ancestors affect us. We don’t see clearly until we are truly ready?

In my practice, I see everyday people who are doing impossible to change, make right choices, feel good about themselves and life. Regardless of all efforts, change isn’t happening.

This can be so tiring that many people give up all the efforts.

I am an energy psychologist, which in short means that I see which part of you is taking lead at the moment.

Sadly what is often happening is that external environment takes over energetically. Especially in traumatised people.

We are surrounded by ether which consists of information. Images & ancestors, cords connecting us to loved ones; living or descended.

I see many people especially women having (based on history & cultural programs) energy attachments from their parents or partners, sucking life & independency and often health out of them.

These cords are not just taking vital energy out, but also allowing low energies to enter. Which often means that all sorts of illness and moods are being transferred.

I often see dead family members living their addictions and needs through living ones.

This is something referred to as healing the family tree. Which I believe is a part of contracts we created before entering these lives. I also believe that its time to break that promises and start to live more freely and fully.

Time to WALK the path of our own soul.

Another strong limitations and attachments I see in dealing with collective trauma or karma. How I see it energetically is a multiple thin lines of energy connecting and holding people in certain frequencies.

Those can be fears and dramas. Anxiety or depression. Lack. Anger. Lust.

Maybe you recall the time when you went to sleep, feeling perfectly fine, just to wake up all sad, tired or depressed? Very likely you just tuned into collective energies and let them go through.

Just like a radio station, we can tune from one frequency to another.

Anytime I have strong emotion I first ask: ”who’s emotion this is?” I clear my space from foreign frequencies and then I deal with what is left, therefore mine.

This is a piece of good news for everybody who gets overwhelmed by strong emotions & seems to be unable to achieving change or feeling purpose in life.

I thought many people how to sense self and how to clear your space. How to detach from effects of the environment or how to send ancestors respectfully to……the light.

How to root in the ether of peace, abundance and love.

Where we can all choose which energies and feelings we accept and welcome in our lives.

We are here to serve by having our true essence, walking our highest path and sharing from the sphere of real wellBeing. Which isn’t possible if we are victims of attachments.

To suffer for others doesn’t make us better.

We can choose to deal with our own energies and emotions ONLY. We can help others by being strong and stable energetically, emotionally and mentally.

Which creates the most beautiful connections.

This doesn’t make us separated or alone, this makes us super powerfully rooted in our true and unique beauty.

This in return heals all of us from codependency and shows us the true meaning of our own essence.

Imagine how would the world look then?

Energy Psychologist & Consciousness Surfer. The one who knows that we can see the future, so we can change it.